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Rockin’ from Tampa, Florida, “Farewell to Goodbye" formerly The Hanging Chads are a band made up of minors,  but there is nothing juvenile about their music!  Their new sound inspired by the sound coming bands that hail from Warped Tour, but still influenced by old school classic/metal/punk rock bands, "Farewell to Goodbye" adds  add their own explosive  edge to this foundation, creating a sound that’s beyond their age. Lars Tatum’s lightning guitar strength, Harrison's bassline beats and Chase's diverse drumming  provides the perfect setting for the power packed, sultry tone vocals of Darienne Shayne.  Crossing paths from school, events and  local Rock School program,  they quickly bonded over their passion and realized an undeniable synergy they wanted to share with audiences. Working hard to play countless shows, festivals and charity events, they have amazed and earned fans along the way including  re-nowned producer Matt LaPlant. Introduce at Rock Solid Pressure's Industry Showcase back in September 2014, Matt took the band under his wing and mentored and worked with them for almost a year.  Summer of 2015, Matt continue to work with the band on writing new material, eventually leading to an upcoming new EP Release.   Thier  formula grips the heart, then kicks you in the gut which has enabled them to open at The State Theatre for national acts like "Saliva", "Bang Tango" as well as  perfoming at The Hard Rock, Tampa.  They have been featured in numerous publications, including The Tampa Bay Times, as one of the top 100 local acts in Tampa Bay in 2013. Their original music has been aired on national syndicated radio shows such as "Bubba the Love Sponge", “Rock Solid Pressure”,  "GOOD N PLENTY " internet radio along with local Florida radio stations like 102.5 The Bone, Tampa and 96KROCK, Ft. Myers, where Lawrence Larry Fitch declared, “These kids are a bad ass rock band!” and “They rock harder than most!”  Their sights set on playing one day  on  Warped Tour, Florida Music Festival and many others.  They aim to surprise and captivate more crowds as they take the stage, ensuring that  "Farewell to Goodbye" is here to stay!  

August 2, 2015- The Hanging Chads are now "Farewell to GOODBYE".
July 31,2015- Wrapped up recording at Clear Track Studio, CLW, with Matt LaPlant. EP to follow! 
 July 9, 2015 - It is finally here we are set to embark on a 3 week  musical journey with Matt LaPlant, a year of working together and we finally are heading in the studio to create our new sound!! 


June 29, 2015- The Chads sign on to perform at  Daytonapollooza. October 3rd. 


June 27, 2015- The Chads play The Hard Rock Tampa Acoustic Festival , rockin and delivering a solid set to an enormous Hard Rock audience! 


 June 25, 2015- Introduce new drummer Chase Sumner!

Chase is diverse in his playing, bringing new ideas and a solid background to the band! 


May 10, 2015- The Hanging Chads have been selected to perform at the 1st Annual Acoustic Festival @ The Hard Rock Tampa! June 27th! Details to follow!


October 14, 2014- Matt LaPlant - Producer for Atlantic Records, Bieler, Road Runner, decides to take on The Chads in a  development agreement! 


RSP SHOWCASE 9/27 State Theatre St Pete:

"The Hanging Chads set a pace today and woke us ALL up!

- Sinster Guitar Picks.


"You guys ROCK, I am impressed! "- High Sonic Records 


"Lot's of Talent Here,  Keep it UP! "- Melodic Records


"Wow, you guys are really good!" - Matt LaPlant


EP - "RECOUNT" Just completed at Springs Theater, Tampa! 8.25.14


"Whatever" featured on 96KROCK in Fort Myers 8.17.14!

" Wow, these kids are bad ass!





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